14.6 Meter Fiberglass House Boats 48 Feet

48 Feet Fiberglass House Boat
House Boat with 40m² enclosed rest area living area
14.6 meter House Boat with bar counter
20T Displacement Fiberglass House Boat

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Product Description

14.6 Meter Fiberglass House Boats 48 Feet

1.Maximum size of outer diameter:

length: 14.6m
height: 6.07m
width: 4.5m

Lower platform:
length: 14.6m
width: 4.5m
Lower frame:
length: 14.6m/12m
width: 4.5m
height: 3.05m

The awning on the upper part of the platform:
length: 4m
width: 3.1m
height: 2.05m

The upper platform is equipped (stainless steel railing with wooden handrail)

FRP floating body:
Outer diameter size: 12m×4.5m×1.3m
Double box structure: 12m×1.5m/0.45m×1.3m

2. Frame main structure:

40m² enclosed rest area living area:
Two bedroom rooms: a double bed room; a bunk bed room. Bathroom × 1, bar, kitchen cabinet, salon area (three-person sofa, dining table, leisure chair).

Framework on the platform:
Including: awning, bar counter, coffee table, sun sofa chair x 10, bar chair, leisure chair.

3. Design draft: 800mm
Total drainage: 20T

4. Steel structure box beams and workers steel profile welding constitute a high -strength steel structure framework, anticorrosive paint paint, visual surface, inner and outer wall surface, deck surface, and top plate jewelry. Wrap decoration of glass fiber composite board. Light, high -strength, insulation, heat insulation, anticorrosive and flat and beautiful.

5. Floating body:
The floating body adopts a bilateral ship design condescence structure, and is divided into 6 independent closed barriers.
Steel -made top -up and upper body steel frame bolts are connected, and FRP floating body surroundings are connected to the steel structure frame bolt to the whole.

6. Import high -quality broken bridge aluminum doors, windows, partition production. Double -layer tempered glass, built -in electric remote control and manual shutters curtains. Counteritating, sound insulation, excellent insulation, and convenient use.

7. High -end furniture multi -layer plywood customized warehouse wall, furniture and sliding inner door.

8. The floor and the floor floor of the cabin are paved with imported teak customized flooring.
Plashed with rubber and plastic simulation teak flooring on the platform.

9. LED lighting is all outdoor and outdoor. Configure different location lighting and beauty.

10. Water supply, drainage, and power supply pipelines are made of hidden design pavement.

11. Multi -functional integration bathroom: electric water, electric air, electrical discharge, toilet, bathing, beauty, etc., are complete functions.

12. Drinking water tanks are equipped with water pressure pumps.

13. The gray water tank is equipped with electronic control.

14.2 Water cold air -conditioning units. The functions of the bedroom and salon area are selected.

15. The staircase from the first floor is a step with a non -slip function.

16. Digital -displayed electrical control panel, shore electric power supply water system.

17. Modern high -quality kitchen function, living function.

The original multifunctional double -opening refrigerator, Hisense 4K LED full HD smart TV, audio, etc.

18. Regarding the comprehensive manual of this ship’s use and maintenance, detailed instructions and warranty of the structure of hull housing.

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