Inflatable Boats 2-8 Meter 6.5 -26 Feet

2-8 meter Hypalon Inflatable Boat

Hypalon or PVC Inflatable Boat

Inflatable Boat with Aluminium Deck

6.5-26 Feet Air Deck Inflatable Boat

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Product Description


Inflatable boat size from 2 meter to 8 meter
Tube Material PVC or Hypalon tube
Tube Color Light grey, White, Blue,Red,Black,Orange etc
PVC Boats Guarantee 3 years
Hypalon Boats Guarantee 5 Years
Accessories 1 Year
Floor choice Aluminium, marine plywood, air deck etc

Product Details

Standard equipment:
1. Two pieces aluminum oars
2. Foot pump
3. Carrying bag(under 5m)
4. 1 pc bench seat
2pcs bench seat for up UB360
5. Repairing kits (glue and material)

From 2.5-8meter 8-26 Feet
Main body with 3-5 years guarantee
Accessories with 1 year guarantee
Customization is available
shipping Service to worldwide
Inflatable boats have the following features:
high strength;
Elastic, resistant to multiple bending;
affordable price;
They are easy to service;
Absolutely waterproof;
Adequate chemical resistance;

They maintain their quality at temperatures from -20 to +70 degrees.
PVC fabric is a multi-layer material, with different layers providing strength and water resistance. The number of layers and components are characteristic of the final material.

inflatable boats useage:

Recommend you following the rules of use of the boat to prolong the service life:

Be careful when paddling in shallow water, any sharp objects in the water or on the shore can tear the boat as it floats and moored

Keep the boat away from fire Be careful when inflating the boat, the pressure inside the balloon will increase when the boat is in the sun for a long time. Even if the balloon is strong enough, high pressure can negatively affect the durability of the boat; do not expose the boat to the sun for extended periods of time, and cover it with a boat cover when not in use.

If the boat is folded for long-term storage, it is recommended to re-fold and inflate and deflate the boat every three or four months;

Store the folded boat in a dry place with a temperature of 0 to 1 25°С and a relative air humidity of 30-80%, the boat should be protected from sunlight, stored at least one meter away from the heating unit, should not be mixed with oil, gasoline, Contact with kerosene, alkalis and other chemically active substances that may damage exterior surfaces.

These simple rules will help the boat last longer and help you fish.

Wear a life jacket on a boat, especially when fishing on the open sea or in cold weather or far from shore;

If two or more people on board need to change position, move slowly, carefully and symmetrically along the boat to avoid capsizing;

Do not jump out of or into the boat;

Do not use the boat if you are unwell or in a state of alcohol intoxication. Do not use the boat if you are unwell or alcoholic;

Check the pressure inside the balloon, if it drops, take a boat to shore;

Considering that low temperature will reduce the pressure inside the balloon, resulting in poor stability and buoyancy.

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