PVC Fenders A Type

Incorporated the latest in technology, design innovation, and attention to bring you the finest looking, top performing protection for your dollar. TM fenders are made of 100% new PVC material . TM fender feature a high gloss finish and strong ends where you need it the most. Seamless one-piece construction with ribbed sides minimizes roll, and a molded-in valve ensures easy inflation and long life.

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Product Description


Size A25,A30,A38,A45,A50,A65
Diameter*length (inch) / (mm) 9.8*12.2 inch 250*310 mm,11.4*13.8 inch 300*350 mm, 15.7*17.8 inch 380*450 mm, 17.8*19.7 inch 450*500 mm,19.7*21.6 inch 500*550 mm and 21.6*23.6 inch 500*600 mm, 25.6*27.5 inch 650*700 mm and 29.5*31.5 inch 750*8000 mm
Weight 850g,1050g,2200g,2600g,3000g and 3600g,4200g and 4800g
Quantity-Pcs /Per Carton 20PCS/58*46*27cm,15PCS/58*46*27cm, 6PCS/58*46*27cm,5PCS/58*46*27cm, 4PCS/58*46*27cm and 5PCS/80*48*32(cm),4PCS/80*48*32(cm) and 3PCS/80*48*32(cm)

Product Details

Performance and descriptions
1.Material: 100% brand new pvc material (no recycled materials added), anti-aging; no internal cracks or bubble.
2.Under normal circumstances, there will be no cracks due to brittleness caused by cold weather
3.UV-resistance,; UV-resistance, no fading, no fading to your boat
4.It can be inflated and deflated for transportation, which is very convenient
5.Improved air nozzle, strong sealing
6.Special smooth air needle, does not damage the air nozzle

Application area:
1.Yacht, tender boats, the marina Collision avoidance
2. Marine floats, channel floats, anchor floats, breeding floats, fishing nets floats, interception floats, Swimming pool floats, etc.
3.Other application areas such as children’s amusement facilities

Standard colors:
black, white, red, blue, yellow

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